A beige awning hanging over a deck looking out to a forest.
If you like spending time outside during the summer, but don’t want to spend too much time in the blistering sun, an awning is a perfect addition to your house! There are so many benefits to awnings not only for you but for your home, as well, and we’re happy to bring you through some of them. So let’s get started.

Awnings Are Energy Efficient!

Finding that your home’s cooling and utility bills are a bit high, lately? Since awnings provide shade for your windows from direct sunlight, less heat is brought into your home. While this is ideal for the summer, during the winter you may want more sun hitting your windows. In this case, a retractable awning might be your best bet!

Bring Up Your House’s Value.

Adding an awning over your patio, back yard, deck, etc., will increase your home’s value. By adding livable space, they add just that bit extra. They also attract more buyers over time, making them a great addition!A red-orange awning overlooking the sky.

More Outdoor Space.

With an awning, during the warm months your porch, patio or back yard becomes a full extension of your home’s living space. So, if one of your worries is the risks sun exposure brings, an awning might be the best decision for you!

They Protect Your Furniture.

With the sun’s UV rays bleaching and creating subtle aesthetic damage, your furniture can quickly get to a point where it looks old. With an awning protecting your porch or patio from the sun, your furniture can stay looking brand new for years!

Awnings Are Nice, Altogether

This is a bit more subjective, but awnings just provide a nice spot for you to sit and bask in the summer days without risking sunburn. They look nice as an addition to your home, and they can be a fun place to spend your time.

Considering An Awning?

We’re always here to help you get such additions to your home installed. If you’re seriously considering an awning, please contact us!