Have you noticed the influx of advertisements for gutter filters? They claim to offer “superior gutter protection” and offer a solution to clogged gutters. But how do they compare to Gutter Helmet? 

Here’s our verdict. 

a gutter with gutter filters instead of gutter helmet

Should You Invest in Gutter Filters?

With a fine enough screen, nothing can get into your gutters. Therefore, they do serve as adequate protection against sticks, leaves, and other debris that clogs your gutters. At the same time, when other irritants like pine sap and pollen attach to the screen, it has to be cleaned and removed. That means you have to climb up on ladders at least a few times a year to check and clean out those pesky screens. 

If the screens clog up-which they have a long, proven history of doing-you now have a dam in your gutter. When it dams up like that, it backs up and overflows, causing significant damage to your home and its foundation. So, while gutter filters will stop everything but water from entering your gutters, they won’t stop you from having to spend time and energy-and risk injury-maintaining clean screens.

There you have it. With gutter filters, you have the choice of either climbing up and cleaning your screens out a few times a year OR risking significant structural damage to your home. Not exactly the best choice for a homeowner looking for “lifetime protection from gutter cleaning.”

Gutter Helmet is Number 1!

On the other hand, Gutter Helmet was ranked by Forbes as the #1 gutter protection system in 2022! 

Gutter Helmet fits almost any gutter, has a triple lifetime warranty, and never requires you to get up on a ladder ever again (at least for your gutters). Its anti-corrosive surface protects against saltwater and acid rain and can even handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour-well beyond the world record.

No matter your environment, Gutter Helmet keeps your gutters (and your home) safe and clean. If you decide to sell your home and move, the next owners are covered too. It’s compatible with almost every size home and existing gutter type-and installation is fast and easy. 

Skip The Gutter Filters and Call The Gutter People!

gutter helmet technology means never having to clean your gutters again

Don’t waste your money on a bandage. Get the real solution in Gutter Helmet and never clean your gutters again. 

Give us a call before the fall for 18% off or free standard, fascia-mount, 5” gutters with an approved, complete Gutter Helmet home installation! Teardown and downspouts extra. 

Our team can install your complete Gutter Helmet protection in as little as a day without voiding your warranty.

Get a quote or Call today to get started on a lifetime of complete gutter protection!