Should you go with Gutter Helmet or gutter filters? Here’s our verdict!

Our Expert Opinion

You’ve probably seen the ads for gutter filters. You might have even been impressed. After all, the ads profess to be the “ultimate solution” to stopping gutter clogs. They do have something right: nothing will get into the gutters, as long as the screen is fine enough.

gutter helmet technology means never having to clean your gutters again

While gutter filters and gutter screens can keep out twigs, sticks, and other debris, they falter when it comes to pollen, pine sap, and other sticky irritants.

Instead of the “ultimate solution” to stopping gutter clogs, you get the ultimate headache: climbing up on those risky ladders to clean out your gutter screens. No matter what type of gutter filter you get, it has to be cleaned. Show us a gutter filter that doesn’t need to be removed and cleaned of gunky buildup!

Let’s face it: you upgrade your gutters so you don’t have to climb up on ladders and clean them out anymore. Everyone claims to offer the “ultimate solution” to clogged gutters and “peace of mind”, but only one solution is legitimate. Gutter Helmet.

Go With Gutter Helmet!

Unlike gutter screens and filters, with Gutter Helmet, you literally never have to clean your gutters again! Gutter Helmet was recently ranked by Forbes as the #1 gutter protection system on the market!

Gutter Helmet’s seamless, patented technology fits almost any kind of existing gutter, meaning minimal-if any-additional installation work is necessary. Its anti-corrosive surface protects against salt water and acid rain and can handle any amount of rainwater thrown at it!

A roof with the gutter protection cover over the gutters.

Best of all, Gutter Helmet has a triple lifetime warranty, meaning not only are you protected for the duration of the time you live there, but the owners after you will be as well!

Screens and filters are a temporary solution. Gutter Helmet is the permanent, end-all solution to all your gutter problems. Need another reason to go with Gutter Helmet?

Get Gutter Helmet From The Gutter People of WNY Now!

Give us a call before the fall for 18% off or free standard, fascia-mount, 5” gutters with an approved, complete Gutter Helmet home installation! Teardown and downspouts extra. 

Our team can even install your complete Gutter Helmet protection in as little as a day without voiding your warranty.