In Western New York, winter isn’t over until the cold weather is gone. Whether that’s March, April, May-or even later-remains to be seen, but if you’ve got Gutter Helmet with Helmet Heat, your home will be snug, safe, and secure all year long! It’s the ultimate way to reduce your ice!

Better yet, we want to help you stay safe right now, while it’s icy and chilly! But as we all know, the weather is more unpredictable than anything. With freezing temperatures one day and a thaw-out the next, then a return to freezing temperatures, the resulting formation of ice can be dangerous.

When heavy rains freeze over, it can cause ice dams to form on the edge of the roof. Those ice dams can then cause leaks in your ceiling, exposing your home to the brutal elements of a WNY winter. Ice dams are no match for the proven strength of Gutter Helmet! Gutter Helmet doesn’t just reduce your ice-it eliminates it!

Don’t risk ceiling leaks when ice damming holds the water on the edge of the roof. Don’t risk falls from cleaning out those gutters. Trust Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat to make your life easier, reduce your ice, and make your roof worries a thing of the past! 

 Want to see how Helmet Heat works to reduce your ice?

We want to help you stay safe this month, next month, and every month!

Save 20% on a complete Gutter Helmet install and 10% off Helmet Heat sections (if done with a complete Gutter Helmet job) on any job approved in the month of February! The best part? Gutter Helmet’s revolutionary technology means no more ladders, slips on ice, or paying to have your gutters cleaned! With the savings on time and money, Gutter Helmet will have paid for itself!

Plus, line up your new roof installation with us and save 50% off our Grace ice shield system in February!

Call the pros at The Gutter People of WNY today or get a quote and let us turn your worries into savings!